Action against hunger

1c from every pack we sell goes towards Action against hunger

Giving back

We’ve established a special relationship with the charity Action Against Hunger. Since 2010 we’ve donated 1p from every pack we’ve sold. This money directly supports Action Against Hunger’s work in helping severely malnourished children in the developing world. Sadly, there are over 2 million children around the world whose lives are lost due to severe hunger. The good news is that solutions do exist and that’s why we’re so committed to donating as much as possible to Action Against Hunger to help save children’s lives by putting an end to malnutrition.

We’re really proud that our donations have just reached over half a million dollars and are being invested in projects like one in the Baran, a rural area in Rajasthan, in Northern India.   This collaboration motivates our team, resonates with the people who buy our food and reminds us all to be even more appreciative of the food we eat.

You can read more about Action Against Hunger here.

UK founder Simon Day visits Kitwe, in Zambia, to meet villagers who are benefitting from an unearthed®-funded project, through Action Against Hunger