Contact unearthed®

Josh Higginson

Intrepid explorer Josh has left our UK base to come over and launch the unearthed® brand for you guys and gals in America.

He’s based in LA, but like any good traveller loves to explore new places, so get in touch if you want to stock our brand or find out more.

Email Josh here or call his cell on: +44 7515 175942

Marco Águas

We know him as the Portuguese Indiana Jones, Marco does his washing in the U.K. but is constantly on the move venturing high and low to find the best flavors, farmers and growers to work with.

There’s nothing he doesn’t know about our processes and products so if you have a technical question – get in touch!

Alternatively if you want to tell us how much you love our products, or if you’re unhappy with your purchase in any way whatsoever then please get in touch with us here


  • Why is some of the cheese you use not vegetarian?

    Our promise to bring you authentic food from across Europe means that occasionally they contain animal products because that’s what their recipe demands. For example, continental cheeses such as Parmesan and Grana Padano have what’s called PDO status, for “Protected Designation of Origin”. This means that in order to qualify for the name Parmesan or Grana Padano, it must be made using traditional methods and a traditional recipe, which includes animal rennet.

  • How much fat/salt, and how many calories does my unearthed® product contain?

    As with allergens, the best way to find out what each of our products contain is to visit our individual product pages here.

  • Does my unearthed® product contain nuts/milk/egg etc?

    We take the issue of allergens very seriously. The best way to find out what each product contains is to visit our individual product pages here. Allergens are listed in bold, as per labelling legislation, together with any additional product warnings.

  • Can I freeze my unearthed® product?

    We don’t recommend it. All our products are sold chilled, so while we’ve checked exactly how well they retain their flavour and freshness at chilled temperatures, we can’t be certain how they’ll react when frozen. The point is we don’t want anything to affect the quality you’ve come to expect from unearthed®.

  • Why can’t I buy unearthed® foods from this website?

    Right now we don’t sell directly to the public. We’d love to, but unfortunately it’s just not possible. That might change in the future; if so we’ll make sure you hear about it.