unearthed® is now available in Bristol Farms stores

unearthed® is now available in Bristol Farms stores

After months of tense and frenzied activity we are really delighted to announce that unearthed® is now available in the US of A.  As from the beginning of September, if you’re based in southern California you can grab a container of our delicious olives in Bristol Farms stores.

We travelled over to Europe to discover some authentic flavours and bring you back some olives which are bursting with natural goodness.  Combine these Italy olives with traditional cheeses, then we think you’re onto a winner.

Our line up looks like this:

  • Olives and gouda cheese – Queen green olives combined with creamy Dutch gouda and aromatic cumin seeds.  Vegetarian, Non GMO, probiotic and no trans fats
  • Mixed olives with provolone cheese – Green and black Greek olives with Italian Provolone mixed with Italian herbs (parsley, marjoram, basil, sage, oregano, thyme). Probiotic, no trans fats and gluten free
  • Olives with manchego and chipotle – Spanish manzanilla from the heart of Southern Spain teamed with sheep’s cheese manchego and a chipotle dressing, Vegetarian, probiotic and no trans fats
  • Olives with red fox cheese – Greek Halkidiki olives with a delicious crunchy Red Fox cheese all the way from Leicestershire in England and a chipotle puree. Vegetarian, polyphenols and no trans fats

As well as tasting great, each one is also packed with over 50 million probiotic lactobacillus bacteria!

Giving back

We know that not everyone gets to enjoy food as much as us and so we’ve established a special relationship with the charity Action Against Hunger. Their mission, in 50 countries throughout the world including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Haiti, Guatemala and Nicaragua, is save the lives of severely malnourished children. In the UK we’ve worked with them since 2010 and have raised over $750,000 for them.

So when you buy a pack, we donate 1c and you help us to help them


We’ve been looking to spread the word and last week Josh, was over in Baltimore at the Natural Products EXPO EAST show talking to trade contacts, so we can hit more shelves.  Everyone who tried the olives loved them so we’re hoping that we can reach more of you, before too long.

Back to our launch though. If you’re not in Southern California, then look out for a giveaway we’ll be running on social media, to win a goodie bag, in a couple of weeks. Details below: